Our Mission & Upcoming Season


Spirit of South Carolina Mission

The Spirit of South Carolina is dedicated to offering a unique educational platform for the youth of the Palmetto State. The hands-on programs that will be offered aboard are designed to challenge and engage students while promoting responsibility, teamwork, and stewardship for both their community and their environment. Programs will also be designed around an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on math and science with extensions into the history and literature of South Carolina and our relationship to the sea.

These programs are designed to teach our students the science and art of traditional seafaring, maritime history and marine environmentalism. It is through this education that the true underlying mission of Spirit of South Carolina is achieved. This mission simply put, is to bring students out of their comfort zones and challenge them to learn and perform not just as a team, but as shipmates in a dynamic environment. These challenges are cultivated in a safe, constructive and nurturing shipboard culture. The goal of this philosophy of teaching is to inspire our students to rise to, and overcome these challenges, instilling in them a great pride and confidence in their hard work and achievements.



Traditional sailing is a labor intensive task, in a challenging environment that requires a person to push their boundaries to a new level. All the work is done by hand, requiring a crew to work together to haul the lines and hoist the enormous sails skyward to catch the wind that drives us through the water. Imagine how much work must be put in to hoist Spirit of South Carolina’s six huge canvass sails to get her on course and flying to her next destination!

Though the program is intensive, it is also designed to be fun! A program of this nature is a true adventure and will inspire wonderment in all who participate in it. The camaraderie and friendships that are formed by people who share this experience are unique and remembered for a lifetime.

Our open enrolment summer programs are a one or two week long, hands-on learning adventure designed for students of various age groups ranging from thirteen years old and up. Our programs utilize the skills taught to seafarers aboard a tall ship as a medium to instill young people with the values of self-confidence and teamwork. This is not achieved by simply giving them a cruise on a seagoing vessel, but by challenging them to work as part of the Spirit of South Carolina’s crew, teaching and entrusting them with the duties that come with being a deckhand aboard a tall ship!