Join the crew!  Spirit of South Carolina’s new mission provides lots of opportunities to get involved, including sailing Spirit as a Volunteer Deckhand. You will be making a contribution to one of the most highly visible aspects of our Charleston Community, her harbor, its history and heritage.  Crew training is offered regularly to build your marlinspike skills. You’ll help keep Spirit of South Carolina “shipshape in Bristol Fashion”, and become part of a unique community of Tall Ship Sailors. Review our Volunteer Blog  to keep abreast of Volunteer Activity.

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Whether you’re an experienced sailor, enthusiast or just learning, Spirit’s crew welcomes you. Depending on your interests, you might find yourself varnishing, woodworking, solving electrical problems, splicing line or creating a fancy work project. We will learn from each other.

Feel free to email our Volunteer Coordinator, Bryan Oliver or give him call (314) 409-0433 for upcoming volunteer days.

Please fill out the following form with your contact info and interests.